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50 Niche Search Engines That Will Make Your Everyday Life Easier

Jun 26th, 2008

Just about everyone has used a Google or Yahoo! search engine if they have been on the Internet. Certainly you can find what you need with them. But search engines that focus on a very specific topic can be really helpful too. If you are looking for a particular video, an old friend from high school, or the perfect handbag, a niche search engine can help. They can make life even better if you can use them in a pinch, like when you need to understand the wording on your grandfather’s will.


All of these searches will help you discover something new, whether it’s a new author you’ve never read or what size shoe you wear in Europe.

  1. Gnod. Search for books, music, movies and people with this search engine. The beauty is that it remembers your interests and focuses the search results on those things you are more likely to enjoy. Save time and enjoy the results of your search with this fun tool.
  2. Icerocket. This search engine was designed to take the advertising out of blog searches and definitely does that. It also offers video and MySpace searches too.
  3. Online Conversion. Need to adapt a recipe, find out what size shoes you need when ordering from Italy, or figure out if it’s too early to call Aunt Edna in London? This online conversion site will help you find anything you need.
  4. Rollyo. You can choose your own niche with this search engine. Select a search from several different categories such as reference, parenting, or the news and receive customized results to help you discover what you need to know.
  5. If your mom loves to send you those warning emails about rats and soda cans, then you can find out the truth about them using this search site. Each rumor, myth, or legend is explained and given a rating of true, false, partially true, or undetermined. Finally, you can put that persistent urban legend to rest!
  6. SearchBug. This search engine looks up people, businesses, reverse phone numbers, and more. You can also check the validity of email addresses, phone numbers, zip codes, IP addresses, social security numbers and more.
  7. Tablefy. Finally…you can compare apples to oranges! Or find out the similarities and differences between the top Internet browsers, popular beverages, sports players, and more. This is a great resource for anyone working on a school project.
  8. Soople. Search for information from a number of specialized categories such as music, movies, video, stocks, other languages, and much more. You can even discover who is linking to your website.
  9. Web 2.0 Search Engine. Find tools to make your life easier with this search engine. Whether you want to manage your to-do or grocery list or want to enhance your blog, you can enter your project and receive links to tons of Web 2.0 tools.
  10. WikiSlice. This search engine is specifically for searching Wikipedia. Suppose you want to find everything about tennis in Wikipedia. You will receive a link to the main article about tennis as well as links to other articles that mention tennis.
  11. Spock. This people search not only finds people without search pricetags attached, it will even bring up photos if they are available. Search by name, email, location, or tag to find someone you know.

Buying Stuff

Buying online is easy, but buying exactly what you want, at the lowest price, or locally can be a challenge. These searches will help make online shopping almost the same as doing it in person.

  1. This search engine has taken online shopping to a whole new level. If you’ve ever waded through pages upon pages of shoes trying to find exactly what you knew you wanted, then you will love shopping here. The visual search allows you to choose details, color, pattern, or shape to find exactly what you want.
  2. Pronto. Shop with the lowest price in mind at this search engine for bargain shoppers. Get your results arranged by price (high to low or low to high), rating, or relevance.
  3. If you want to find a restaurant, place of business, or a service and you want to keep it local, use this search engine. You can browse by category or search by your zip code or city and state.
  4. retrevo. "Matching people and electronics," this search engine will help you find any electronic you want. Not only can you find out where to buy stuff, you can also find articles, forums, blogs, and more. If you need that missing owner’s manual for your TV, you can find it here.
  5. Slifter. If you are looking for a specific product and want to buy it locally, you’ll like this search engine. Enter your item and receive a listing of your local stores that carry that item. You can compare prices, too. If you want to take this service with you, set up Slifter to work on your mobile device.
  6. The Find. Putting all the other shopping search engines together, this one will search through hip boutiques, large department stores, and local shops. You can find a bargain or buy the top of the line with this comprehensive online shopping tool.

Making Sense of It All

Life can be confusing enough without someone throwing in words or phrases you don’t know. Use these searches to cut through the chaos and be in the know.

  1. Find the definition to anything on this powerful search engine. Enter a term, phrase, or acronym and get results with links that you can email or copy to your clipboard.
  2. Everybody’s Legal Glossary. Whether you need help decoding the paperwork on your house closing or want to understand that threatening note from your neighbor complaining about your barking pooch, you can find the definition of any legal term on this site.
  3. Dictionary of English Idioms and Idiomatic Expressions. You may know it’s raining cats and dogs outside, but do you understand what it means if someone wears belt and suspenders? Find out what people are talking about with their funny turns of phrases with this fun idiom search tool.
  4. WestNet IT Glossary. Whether you are trying to figure out what’s going on with your computer or just wanting to understand that hot guy from the IT department, find out what IT technical terms mean with this resource.
  5. Travel Industry Dictionary. Search or browse this site to discover travel terms. If you are planning your vacation or trying to understand what your tour group will be doing during tomorrow’s excursion, find out here.
  6. NetLingo. Find out what your daughter said in that text she just sent you or discover what a "poke" is on Facebook with this fun search tool. If you don’t have a specific term you want to search, you can always browse alphabetically or by categories.

On the Go

These search engines are all designed specifically for mobile devices. Whether they help you find your way or save you on your bill, these will keep you mobile.

  1. Boing. Designed for mobile devices, this search engine provides results with "mobile friendly load times and limited screen size formatting" so that you can get the best of the Internet on your wireless device. Save time and money with this great search engine.
  2. Cha Cha. If you are out and about and need to know the answer to any question, then call or text Cha Cha and you will receive a text with the answer. Need directions, forgot what time the movie starts, or just want to win that trivia game? Cha Cha has your answer.
  3. Berggisearch. Powered by Hakia, download this application to your cell phone to get an efficient search that brings results recommended by librarians, not advertisements.

News and Academic Searches

These search engines focus on news or academic results. From up-to-the-minute headlines to complete online texts, these sites will help you out.

  1. Google Scholar. This new Google search finds only scholarly literature. If you are trying to find the latest research or information on any topic ranging from diabetes to Oscar Wilde to tornadoes and don’t want to wade through the mess that can come up with other searches, this one will take your straight to the source.
  2. bookmach. If you are tired of all the spam that shows up when you are looking for news or searching blogs, then is the place for you. With over 3300 sources, you will only find the best when you use this search engine. You can save your searches to customize the home page so that your favorite topics are always there.
  3. Congoo. This search engine is a "real-time news, networking, and information portal." Get the latest news right on their home page or use the search engine to look up whatever news topic in which you are interested.
  4. Open Library. This search engine will find any book ever published. If you want to read one of those books online, you are in luck. Over 234,000 have full text available.
  5. Wikio. Search for the latest news here. Whether you want to search in video, blogs, or traditional text for your news or would like to explore a topic, you are sure to find the latest updates here.

Audio and Video

With so many photos, music, and video on the Internet, it can be difficult to find precisely what you need. These searches will narrow down the field and even help you find the perfect movie for tonight.

  1. Pixsy. This search engine is for photos and videos only. It works wonderfully if you are trying to find a photo of a potential hotel for your vacation, a movie trailer, or the latest photo of George Clooney.
  2. Blinkx. Enter your keyword and choose whether you want your video results in a traditional format or in a wall format. If you choose wall, you can see an entire page of results. Hovering over any one will move it to the right and begin playing.
  3. FindSounds. If you are looking for a new message alert for your text messages or want to have a Scooby Doo clip on your blog, you can find the sound you want here. The search is free, but if you want to upgrade to be able to organize and and edit, you will need to pay a subscription fee.
  4. Search for music on this site, then find other artists based on your music preferences. If you are a music lover, you won’t want to miss this site.
  5. Girafa. While the purpose of this site is to sell you on adding thumbnails to your website, it works wonderfully as a search engine that shows you what each resulting web site looks like. That way you can determine if the site looks interesting before you even have to click on it.
  6. SeeqPod. Search for videos, audio, presentations, or Flash with this search engine. You can choose your type of search from audio, video, text, or all three.
  7. What to Rent! Tired of standing in front of that imposing wall of DVDs at your local rental store? This site will help you decide which movies to rent. The first time you visit, you will need to select a user name and complete a short quiz. Next time you can go straight to movie recommendations.
  8. SkreemR. If you are looking for an MP3 file, here’s the place to go. Find music, podcasts, speeches, and more with this search engine. Only the best files show up at the top of your results list.
  9. Dailymotion. Search videos from real people on a variety of topics such as news, travel, or hobbies. Of course, there are those videos that are just plain silly, too.

The Search Engine is the Niche

With so many search engines out there, there are sure to be some that are so remarkable in their own right that they are the niche. The following search engines will change the way you view Internet searches. You may find a new favorite among these.

  1. Kartoo. Enter your keyword and you will receive a visual map of all the different topics that may pertain to your keyword. Hover your mouse over each and you will see an enlarged view of the first website on your left with a short description of the site. This search engine takes searching to a whole new level.
  2. Boxxet. Search for what interests you and you will get results from the "best of" news, blogs, videos, photos, and more. This site brings together the "unique combination of computer automation and community passion" to give you a totally new way of searching.
  3. Quintura. Enter your search terms and watch a cloud of related terms appear at the left while a list of links comes up on the right. Hover over one of the words or phrases in the cloud to get a whole new list of links. This search engine eliminates having to click through several spots to find what you want.
  4. Gimpsy. Gimpsy asks you to fill in your action word(s) to use this search engine. If you tell Gimpsy you want to travel, you will receive several different options from buying tickets to finding a travel agent.
  5. Ms. Dewey. If typical search engines are too impersonal for you, then give Ms. Dewey a try. Sexy, fun, and silly, Ms. Dewey will help you find what you want to know. Just be careful of that flying rubber band when you take too long.
  6. Ujiko. Reminiscent of a video game, this search engine gives you "expertise points" each time you use it. Ten points takes you to a new level. At each level, you receive new tools to enhance your searching experience.
  7. mnemomap. Enter a search term (this works best with just one word) and receive a graphic mapping out all possible directions the word could go as well as a list of links from the traditional web search, an image database, digg,, or YouTube.
  8. Trexy. Using the metaphor of trails, this search engine promises that you will never have to search twice again. By forming trails or following trails others have forged, you can eliminate unnecessary searching by getting straight to what you want. Happy Hiking!
  9. whonu. Try this search that takes the work out of narrowing down your topic. Type in a keyword and watch as several subcategories appear below. Selecting a subcategory brings more subcategories until you arrive at precisely what you want to find. From there, you can choose to search for text, video, images, news, blogs, and more.
  10. Yoople! Combining the searching power of Yahoo!, Google, and people, this search engine brings you results, then asks you to click and drag the results in an order you prefer. As more and more people rate certain links higher, then the results should bring a better search to everyone.

100 Awesome Youtube Vids for Librarians

Jun 18th, 2008

Librarians should no longer be thought of as fuddy duddy types with long dusty cardigans or pince-nez dangling around their necks. These days, public librarians and academic librarians are on the cutting edge, dedicated to bringing their resources and their patrons into the 21st century with technology. Librarians are also bloggers, IT professionals, database managers, technology mavens; and these YouTube videos and tutorials are just for them. Watch these vodcasts and recordings to learn about new library tools, interesting literacy campaigns and outreach programs, and even hysterical videos about library stereotypes that are circulating on the Internet.

Using Databases

From JSTOR to TexShare, you can access tutorials for working with all kinds of databases here.

  1. How to Search JSTOR: Pull quality articles and references from JSTOR by watching this tutorial.
  2. Brooklyn College: Searching Out Online Library Catalog: This video documents how to search this specific library site, but you can use the tips for searching at all CUNY libraries or any other school library.
  3. How to Browse JSTOR: Find specific article titles using JSTOR by learning how in this tutorial.
  4. Public Library of Law Statute Search: Law students and law librarians learn how to use this library database.
  5. Using a Library Catalog: This smart tutorial gives general tips for searching college libraries.
  6. TexShare Databases: Watch this advertisement for TexShare databases, which provide reference support and other resources for students, professionals, parents and librarians.
  7. K-12 Databases: Texas public school teachers will want to learn more about these library resources.
  8. Google vs. ProQuest Research Databases: Watch this podcast to compare online search engines and research databases like eLibrary and ProQuest.
  9. Academic OneFile: Check out this tutorial for hacks and tips for using this database.
  10. Advanced Search in Library Catalog: When you’re looking for something specific, use this guide to help you.

Academic Librarians

Academic librarians will find resources and inspiration just for them in this list.

  1. Primary Source Search in Library Catalog: This DePauw University library shares tips on searching for primary sources.
  2. EMU Library Basic Catalog Search: This informative video from Eastern Michigan University is a great example for teaching students and professors how to search your library’s database.
  3. How to Find…a Book in the Library Catalog: North Metro Technical College’s website shares information about finding different references and materials for their online catalog.
  4. Quick Search in Library Catalog: The University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign goes over a basic quick search on an online library catalog.
  5. Building Academic Library 2.0: Watch this lecture from a UC Berkeley conference to learn more about how college librarians can provide more services and reach out to professors or students.
  6. The Case for Mutability: Library 2.0 and Implications: This video is from the same conference as the above tutorial. Listen to experts and librarians as they discuss organizational trends and internal structure of academic libraries.
  7. New Directions: This lecture goes over the fundamental values of college libraries and librarians, especially as they progress into the technological age.
  8. South Carolina Digital Library Initiative: Learn about this freely available program organized by USC and other South Carolina academic libraries which let visitors access archives online.
  9. The Library as Sacred Place: College librarians will learn about new evaluation techniques and trends in this video presentation.
  10. YouTube, Librarians, and Me: A college student put together this video to show how students work with librarians, professors and technology.

Librarians and Technology

Discover new ways to implement technology into your library system by watching these videos.

  1. Libraries and Library Web Sites: This tutorial explains how libraries still play an important role in the Internet age.
  2. Library Club Bookmark Tutorial: Learn to use bookmarking tools to save library pages online.
  3. The Librarians of Second Life: Librarians watched this presentation at the ACRL conference in 2007 to learn how they could use Second Life to extend their libraries and materials to a virtual world.
  4. How to Request a Journal Article Using Electronic Document Delivery: Consider introducing this service to your library.
  5. A Librarian’s 2.0 Manifesto: Help bring your library into the 21st century by pledging yourself to the ideals and values in this manifesto.
  6. Technology @ Your Library: Playaway Demo: The librarian in this video goes over the benefits of mobile books.
  7. Impact of Information Technology in Library and Information: This animated video from the National Open University in India goes over different applications of information technology in libraries.
  8. The Future of Libraries: Watch this presentation to understand how librarians’ personal touch can supplement the technological advances of library tools.
  9. Four Technologies for Libraries: Learn about open URLs, blogs, integrated library systems and RSS feeds and how they are important to libraries.
  10. Where Virtual Paths Meet: Libraries in Second Life: Find out why more libraries and librarians are turning to this virtual experience to reach more patrons.

Outreach and Special Program Ideas

Get your library involved in the local community or on a global scale by starting an outreach program, teen reading campaign or by offering a special service.

  1. Library Welcome Video: Use this video as inspiration for creating welcome projects or games to introduce new college freshmen to your library.
  2. Books for Botswana: Consider sponsoring a book donation program like this one for your school or public library.
  3. Allen Reads One Book Project: Get your community involved by asking everyone to read the same book and participate in a city-wide dialogue.
  4. Central School Virtual Museum: This "vodcast" follows a project taken on by a librarian who encouraged students to build a virtual museum that explores their community.
  5. UNICEF and IKEA Reintroduce Albanian Children to Books: Learn about this outreach program that brings books, including recent releases, to Albanian students.
  6. Be a Part of Changing the World: This young man is trying to raise $13,000 in the name of education and nonprofits that fund education expenses for children and disadvantaged schools.
  7. Teen Summer Reading @ Birmingham Public Library: If you haven’t already, start a teen summer reading program at your library. This creative video can help you with ideas for a theme and advertising.
  8. Quincy Schools and Summer Reading: School librarians can get in on the action of summer reading by starting a program like this one.
  9. Ray of Light St. Joseph County Public Library Version: Watch this video, which "details a day in the life of a thriving public library system."
  10. Libraries in 2010: What will public libraries look like in 2010? Just two years away, you may be surprised to find out what new tools will be standard in public libraries.
  11. Can a Public Library Screw Your Constitutional Rights?: Public libraries that provide Internet access will want to watch this video, which continues the debate on Internet access policies and surveillance.
  12. Story Time: This award-winning commercial for a public library tells a story through popular book titles.
  13. Your Public Library: Public libraries are reminded of their democratic purpose and how to honor their neighborhood roots.
  14. Birmingham Public Library Social Software: This video discovers different platforms for public libraries to remain a part of the technology and Internet age.
  15. Promoting the Use of the Public Libraries as a Resource: Watch this training video to help you understand how your public library is an important resource for patrons with special needs.
  16. George Lopez for America’s Libraries: The American Library Association and George Lopez show that the public library is still an important place in society with this PSA.
  17. Day of Action Protest Rally: If your public library funding has been cut, watch this video of protesters who rallied against budget cuts in their area.
  18. MCLIB TV – The Library’s Television Branch: Find out if your library system can get its own spot on the public access channel. Use this video as inspiration for shows, skits and more.
  19. – Digging Deeper: Get motivated to learn more about your library’s homepage by watching this video.

Skits and Cartoons

Important library lessons are taught in these funny skits and cute cartoons that feature Sesame Street characters and librarian stereotypes.

  1. The Librarian Dialogues: This funny skit mocks fuddy duddy librarian stereotypes and concerns about beeping scanners, stolen DVDs, and trash bins.
  2. Reading Rainbow: "At the Library": Watch this animated short about a girl’s adventures at her library, where anything seems possible.
  3. No Cookies in the Library: If little kids are always bringing in snacks to your library, see if this Sesame Street clip will get the message across.
  4. Reading Rainbow: Tall Tales at the Library: Children can learn how to make their way around the library by watching this animation, which also features summaries of John Henry, Paul Bunyan and other tall tales.
  5. Borrowing Books from the Library…Permanently: Show this video or create a skit of your own to discourage patrons from stealing books from your library.
  6. Arthur Library Card: Arthur and friends sing the library card song in this five-minute bit.

Library Etiquette

Teach library etiquette by showing one of these cute videos.

  1. Library Limbo: This old cartoon confronts bad library behavior in an adorable, accessible way.
  2. The Muppet Show: The Library: Miss Piggy and other muppets cause a disturbance in the library in this video.
  3. Rod Library Services – Good Ideas and Bad Ideas: Use this video as a jumping off point for designing your own library etiquette program.

Spreading the Good News

Your biggest responsibility as a librarian is making information accessible for your patrons. Check out this list to help students and visitors how to research a term paper, find music at the library and avoid committing plagiarism.

  1. How Long Has it Been Since You Last Visited the Library?: Consider filming a PSA or commercial like this one to attract more visitors to your public library.
  2. Concept Mapping: How to Start Your Term Paper Research: Use this video as a guide to help students start the research process.
  3. Plagiarism: Don’t Do It: This funny video is a kind of PSA against plagiarism for students.
  4. Life is Like a Library: This short presentation encourages young people to read.
  5. Hip Music. Hip Library.: Show patrons how to search for music at the library by playing this video.

Digging Through Archives and Public Records

The public library is a great place to find public records and genealogy information. Watch these videos for extra tips.

  1. DIY: Find Articles, Business Profiles, Census Records, etc: This quick, soundless presentation has a few tips for DIY research on library sites.
  2. Genealogy Center, Allen County Public Library: Take a tour of this well-organized genealogy center at the Allen County Public Library.
  3. Genealogy or Looking for One’s Own Peeps: The Birmingham Public Library gives a demonstration of how to use the library for genealogical research here.
  4. The Genealogical Research Library, Inc. asks for funding and goes over its history in this video.
  5. The Library is a Solution: Learn about the many library services that appeal to the public here.

National Library Week and Reading Campaigns

These library and reading campaigns will inspire any librarian.

  1. Cathy Campbell Promotes National Library Week: This community college librarian discusses special events and campaigns for this annual celebration.
  2. March of the Librarians: Learn about the annual librarians’ conference in this silly video.
  3. Library of Congress PSA: This creative ad is designed to inspire children to pursue reading and indulge their imaginations.
  4. Peanut Butter and Jelly: The Library Song: Did you know there was a special song just for the library? Listen to it here.
  5. Love our Libraries: This special report goes over all the different things you can do at the library, including socialize.
  6. National Library Week: Watch this funny commercial advertising National Library Week.

Library Tools

Get the most out of your library tools and the Internet by watching these tutorials, which teach you how to use microfiche, online archiving systems and more.

  1. Microfiche Copier 101: Many students and library visitors don’t know how to use this basic library tool. Use this guide to refresh your skills and enlighten your patrons.
  2. Loading Microfilm: Younger librarians may want to watch this tutorial to learn how to load microfilm safely.
  3. Adobe Lightroom Software: Librarians can learn to use this program for managing photos and videos.
  4. Using Bibliostat Collect for Public Libraries: South Carolina libraries use this tool for managing annual data.
  5. Free Tools for Libraries: Watch this video to learn about free tools you can use at your library to manage databases, contact your readers, "and keeping up with Web 2.0"
  6. Web 2.0 Tools in Libraries 2.0 — Which Ones are You Using?: This video encourages librarians to make use of MySpace and other 2.0 tools. Send in your feedback to participate in the discussion.
  7. Henry Madden Library, Library 2.0: Librarians who want to experiment with blogging should watch this video.

Just for Laughs

Get your library staff together to watch these funny videos that poke fun at librarians and the library as a workplace.

  1. Betty Glover Library Workout Tape Ad: This satire pledges to combat the "sedentary lifestyle" of most librarians by showing librarians unique exercise moves.
  2. A YouTube Salute to Librarians: This montage of librarian and library clips will make you laugh and feel appreciated.
  3. Angry Librarian: Watch how this smartie pants librarian deals with a persistent college girl.
  4. Librarian Lays Down the Law: Parker Posey plays a strict librarian in this hysterical parody.
  5. Mary and the Librarian: In this video, Mary Hartman gets a phone call from a librarian notifying her that her order of sex ed books has just come in.
  6. Annoying Library Patrons: Watch this parody of stereotypical annoying library patrons.
  7. A Librarian’s Day is Never Done: This sexy librarian shows what it’s like to work after hours.
  8. Mr. Bean Library: Imagine what kind of disruptions Mr. Bean can cause in a library.
  9. Having Fun Isn’t Hard: These librarians dance and sing while holding up their "Shhhh!" posters.
  10. The Singing Librarian: Stick with this video, and you’ll be amazed at this little librarian’s other talents besides shelving books.

Showing Librarians and Libraries Some Love

This list includes videos that show librarians they’re appreciated, from a trailer for a library documentary to celebrity PSAs.

  1. The Hollywood Librarian Trailer: Feel inspired and appreciated as you watch the trailer for this documentary about the real work of modern librarians.
  2. The L-Team: This tribute applauds librarians and "bibliophiles" from one college library. Even if you don’t know the librarians, you may feel like creating your own knock-off to advertise your library.
  3. Susan Sarandon Speaks Out for Libraries: Actress Susan Sarandon gives a shout out to libraries in this PSA.
  4. Super Librarian: This "super human of knowledge" tribute depicts librarians as real heroes.
  5. My Ode to the Library: Law librarians will enjoy this lighthearted ode played along to a country music song.
  6. Reading On a Dream: This popular "college musical" features a student who bemoans that "nobody sings in the library." The other students in the library aren’t part of the act, so it’s fun to watch their reactions to the impromptu show.
  7. Julie Andrews PSA: Listen to Julie Andrews sing the praises of your work in this video.
  8. National Library Workers Day: Watch this vodcast that honors everyday librarians.

Getting an Executive MBA Mid-Career

Jun 13th, 2008

Executive MBAs are one of the different forms of the degree that a person can receive from various institutions, many of these being online colleges that offer the program to employees who cannot take the time off to attend a year of classes.  These programs were developed specifically to meet the demand of such high-level business associates, allowing them the opportunity to earn an MBA or a related degree within two years while working full-time.  This becomes particularly important in many firms in which higher-tiered managers and executives may not have had the time to previous attain an MBA, but were still required to earn such a degree.
These type of executive MBA programs are specifically catered to business professionals who have typically spent around ten years in their industry before their company required such a degree.  Therefore, they are different from other MBA students who are receiving their degree as a continuation of their previous studies before entering the workforce.  The Executive MBA Council was formed over nearly three decades ago in order to cater to this specific type of student.  While times have changed since then (many business professionals are receiving additional degrees now), the importance of an executive MBA has remained the same.  However, distance-learning options have provided a new forum for receiving such an MBA through specified programs that are offered around the country through the privacy of your own home.  Additionally, higher tiered business schools are now jumping on the online education bandwagon and allow students to receive such an MBA degree by enrolling in their online classes.  This provides business professionals with the added benefit of remaining at their job without taking forced time off. 
Determining whether the online school is accredited is important to discover before enrolling in the program.  No business will want to credit a degree from a school that is unaccredited, especially given the increasing amount of online schools that are available for this type of specified degrees.  There is a huge market for such degree programs since the economy has caused many business professionals to question the security of their position and seek to cement it through the added benefit of an MBA.  Therefore, the past few years have seen an influx in online degree programs, many of which cater to the many different forms of MBA programs (accelerated, two year, part-time, executive, etc.).  Attaining an MBA has become of vital importance for nearly every business professionally and the existence of the executive MBA coupled with online distance education has led to turn these dreams into a reality.  Increasing your knowledge should be a goal in everyone’s life, and it is a very promising outlook that so many people are returning to school in order to further their careers.  With technology evolving at the rate it is, online education and this type of upper level degree will only increase in prominence as more individuals receive added degrees at a later stage in life. 

Get a Marketing Degree, Free: 100+ Open Courseware Collections for Web Entrepreneurs

Jun 12th, 2008

Perhaps one of the most important parts of starting a business is establishing a solid strategy for marketing. There’s a lot of free marketing education out there, but much of it is low quality and over-hyped. Here, we’ve made it easy for you to get a strong marketing education by collecting a number of useful courses from institutions like MIT and Carnegie Mellon.

Introduction Get your marketing education started off right using these courses.

  1. Introduction to Marketing: This course focuses on marketing, specifically customer needs, competition, skills, collaborators and context.
  2. Marketing Primer: Check out this course for a quick look into marketing issues.
  3. Viral Marketing Theory: Learn the thought behind the phenomenon of buzz marketing.
  4. Marketing Management: In this course, you’ll focus on key marketing activities and strategy.
  5. Viral, Buzz & Influential Marketing: This presentation will help you learn about marketing that spreads itself.
  6. Marketing Management: Learn the fundamentals of marketing, specifically focusing on your competition and strengths.
  7. The market-led organization: Check out this course to consider how your business should respond to the market.

Communication Here, you’ll learn how to stay on top of business communications for a strong marketing message.

  1. Marketing communications as a strategic function: See just how important it is to communicate with your customers through this course.
  2. Listening to the Customer: Learn how to better communicate with your customers through research, observation, and interviews.
  3. Introduction to Selected Lessons in Persuasion: Check out this course to learn how to hone your persuasion skills.
  4. News Releases: Here, you’ll learn how to properly market your business through news releases.
  5. All the News That’s Fit to Sell: How the Market Transforms Information into News: In this course, you’ll learn how marketers manipulate the media.
  6. Seven Ways to Motivate the Audience: This resource discusses engaging your audience, whether it’s in a presentation or marketing.
  7. Business communication in the age of spin: Take a look at how businesses communicate using the power of spin.

Competition An important part of marketing is standing out from the competition, and these courses will show you how to do just that.

  1. Competitive intelligence: With this course, you can learn how to gather information on your competitors.
  2. How can you have too much choice?: Follow this course to learn how you’re competing against a vast variety of choices.
  3. Business strategies and competition: Use this course to learn how to outwit the competition.
  4. Too unimportant to fail?: See how innovation and competitive selection have and effect on markets with this course.
  5. Competition, firms and markets: This course will ask you to consider economics, policy, and restraints against competition.
  6. How to get ahead in commerce: This course discusses a number of ways to make your business stand out from the rest.
  7. Competitive information and disinformation: Use this course to learn how to differentiate between good and bad competitive information.

Culture & Globalization In marketing, it’s important to know your audience, and these courses will help you to better understand that.

  1. American Consumer Culture: Get a good look into America’s consumer culture with this course.
  2. Textiles in Ghana: Part of this course will show you how prints are sold in a Kumasi market.
  3. Marketing, Microchips and McDonalds’s: Debating Globalization: See how globalization has an effect on marketing and beyond.
  4. Marketing International: Consider how to tweak your marketing strategy when working internationally with the help of this presentation.
  5. An introduction to business cultures: Check out this course to learn about all sorts of different cultures you’ll find in business.
  6. Entrepreneurial behavior: Take a look at this course to consider how your personal behavior stacks up as an entrepreneur.
  7. The Art of Advertising: This course celebrates classic advertising as art.
  8. Does attractiveness rule the world?: In this course, you’ll learn just how important attractiveness is to success.
  9. Cultural change and consumerism: contemporary churchgoing in perspective: This course will help you consider marketing to the religious sector.
  10. Culture, Value, and Communication: Visit this resource to consider how culture and value connect in marketing.
  11. The "Savage Mind" on Madison Avenue: A Structural Analysis of Television Advertising: This course carefully breaks down the anatomy of television ads.
  12. Who hates globalization?: In this course, you’ll learn how to avoid becoming an unpopular global giant.
  13. Managing local practices in global contexts: This course will show you how to think as a global marketer.

Ethics Building an ethical business isn’t just good karma, it’s great for marketing, as you’ll see here.

  1. Creating an ethical organization: Find out how you can market your organization as more ethical with this course.
  2. Environmental factors and organizations: In this course, you’ll learn how to be more responsible in your business.
  3. The Case for Sustainable Business: Learn what every marketer needs to know about growing a sustainable business with this course.

Data These courses will teach you how to properly collect and use data in marketing.

  1. Communicating With Data: In this course, you’ll learn all about marketing data and other useful information for data-tracking entrepreneurs.
  2. Becoming a Data-Driven Marketer: See how you can make better use of data in marketing efforts through the knowledge in this webinar.
  3. Applied Econometrics: Check out this course to learn how to use econometrics in marketing.
  4. Metrics-Driven Marketing Strategy: Learn how to create and use a marketing strategy that uses heavy metrics.
  5. Marketing Research: This presentation explains how to go about generating research, and how to use it.
  6. An introduction to data and information: This course discusses data, specifically that of selling online.
  7. Finding information in business and management: Find out how to properly use the information you collect with this course.
  8. Perfectly unpredictable: Why forecasting produces useful rubbish: This course will show you that data isn’t all that important to marketing.
  9. Strategic Marketing Measurement: This course will teach you how to carry out a market research questionnaire from start to finish.
  10. Assessing Public Opinion: Learn how to carefully make sense of what the general public thinks.
  11. Data Mining: Learn how to make use of data collected using a variety of different methods in this course.

Strategy Check out these courses for help in building your marketing strategy.

  1. Marketing Strategy: Follow this course to see how you can create the most effective marketing plan for your business.
  2. Optimization Methods in Management Science: In this course, you’ll consider how to optimize your marketing approach for the best results.
  3. How to Build a Marketing Plan: This presentation will show you how to create an effective marketing plan.
  4. Marketing & Advertising Planning: Use this slideshow to help plan your marketing strategy.
  5. Strategic view of performance: This course will show you a number of different approaches to marketing analysis.
  6. Marketing Strategy: This presentation offers lots of information for creating an effective marketing strategy.

People These courses will show you how to best make use of people when designing marketing campaigns.

  1. Designing for humans: This course discusses the importance of considering people in your products and marketing.
  2. Making a Gabillion Dollars With Community Marketing…or something like that: Learn how to make use of your community in marketing.
  3. Word of Mouth Marketing Techniques: This presentation discusses using peoples’ word of mouth as an effective marketing technique.
  4. Meeting the demands of a hedonistic society: Learn how to appropriately market to a hedonistic society with this course.
  5. The Importance of Interpersonal Relationships: This course will show you how important it is to market your business through interpersonal relationships.
  6. Building relationships with donors: In this course, you’ll see how to successfully market your business to donors.
  7. Making decisions: Get a look into how and why people make decisions in this course.
  8. Managing relationships: Understand how to better manage people while fundraising through this course.
  9. Pay it Forward: Learn why it’s incredibly important to mentor and be mentored for good marketing.
  10. Business relationships-do they count anymore?: Consider how important business relationships are to your marketing efforts.

Economics Money is a great motivator for customers, and you can learn more about its impact on marketing through these courses.

  1. Markup and markdown: Consider how much you should mark up your product with the help of this resource.
  2. Pricing: Consider this important piece of marketing, with topics including competitive markets, demand, discrimination, and competitive responses.
  3. Advanced macroeconomics: Get a better understanding of macroeconomics through this course.
  4. Supply and Demand: Learn how supply and demand have an effect on marketing and products.
  5. How to Obtain Funding: Learn how to market yourself for grants in this course.
  6. Advanced microeconomics: This course will teach you the essentials of advanced microeconomics.
  7. Principles of Microeconomics: This course discusses important microeconomics topics, with applications to current economic policy.
  8. Economics: A major part of marketing has to do with economics, so get a crash course here.

Business Specifics These courses all focus on the important business details that can help with marketing.

  1. Product Design and Development: In this course, you’ll see how teams come together to create a marketable physical product.
  2. The concept of innovation: Learn about how to make innovative products, and consider how to set them apart through marketing.
  3. Revitalizing Urban Main Streets: If you’re making an urban location part of your business and marketing plan, take a look at this course.
  4. Brand Leadership: In this course, you’ll learn to develop a strong brand for your business.
  5. InTouch: 8 Critical Success Factors for Lead Generation: This webinar will show you how to create an optimal environment for leads.
  6. Measuring B2B Beyond the Lead: In this course, you’ll see how to track and improve upon the contribution marketing offers to your organization.
  7. Luxury Brand Marketing Keynote: Take a look at how to build a luxury brand in this presentation.
  8. Entrepreneurial Marketing: Here, you’ll learn all about how to do a marketing analysis for a new business.
  9. The Software Business: If you’re marketing in a software setting, be sure to pay special attention to this course.
  10. Choosing a Business Entity: Setting your business up legally can go a long way in terms of marketable credibility, so check out this course to do it right.

Online Many firms are using the Internet to do a great deal of their marketing, and you’ll see what you can learn from them here.

  1. Tips for Expanding Your Online Presence: Take a look at this course to learn how you can get started marketing online.
  2. Let Your Customers Decide: Using Testing to Provide Relevant Web site Content: In this webinar, you’ll learn how to start testing and increase conversion.
  3. e-Marketing: This Spanish course discusses taking marketing online.
  4. What is Long-Tail Traffic?: This resource takes a look at marketing that keeps on going.
  5. Measuring Rich Media: How to Build, Measure, and Profit using RIA on Your Site: Learn how to take your site up a notch with rich media in this webinar.
  6. An introduction to e-commerce and distributed applications: This course takes a look at online business models and marketing for each.
  7. How to Exponentially Increase Conversion from Search: Visit this webinar to learn how you can improve your site’s conversion rate.
  8. Principles of Internet Marketing: This presentation discusses the essentials of marketing online.
  9. Living with the Internet: Here, you’ll get a good look at online shopping from a consumer’s standpoint.
  10. Internet Marketing Strategies: Learn how to take your marketing efforts online with this course.
  11. An introduction to e-commerce and distributed applications: Get acquainted with e-commerce and marketing online by following this course.

Future & Trends In these courses, you’ll get a look at the latest in marketing, and find out what you can expect in the future.

  1. Mobile Marketing: Get information about this new method of marketing in this slideshow.
  2. The Shrinking Brand-Marketing in a Small World: Learn how to create a smaller focus for your marketing.
  3. New Marketing: Take a look at some of the new and current ways firms are spreading their marketing message.
  4. New B-to-B Research: Business Technology Marketing Trends: Check out this webinar to learn the latest in business technology marketing.
  5. The Past, Present & Future of Digital Marketing: Learn how to take your marketing digital and make the most of it.
  6. What’s Next in Marketing & Advertising: Check out this presentation to learn where marketing is headed.
  7. Marketing Innovation: See what’s new, exciting and innovative in marketing on this presentation.
  8. Youth Marketing: Make sure you’re covering the youth demographic through the knowledge you’ll gain from this presentation.
  9. Next Generation Social Marketing: Learn all about how to use social marketing and stay ahead of the curve.